You Don't Have To Be A "Big Name" To Do This

You don't have to be a famous coach or a local star to do this. I was only a third-team "All County" Player my senior year in high school, and I didn't even play college ball, unless you count intramurals. 

So don't worry. You don't have to be a big hotshot in your area. You do have to know the game, though. The kids are looking up to you to teach them, and the parents are willing to pay you, so you have to know the skills and be able to teach them. 

If you are famous in your area, that's even better. I've seen where top coaches and ex-players can get big bucks for lessons. 

But all you really need is knowledge of your sport and a system for marketing and doing your lessons. You can do general skills development, or specialize in one aspect of the game. 

I emphasized basketball shooting in my lessons (as you know, basic shooting skills have just about disappeared these days, and I like helping kids become better shooters), but I also worked on dribbling and passing.

Each player is different, so you'll adapt the lessons according to the skill level of each player.

You Will Be A Part Of An In-Demand, Growing Trend
That Requires Almost No "Selling"

When I first found out about this type of thing (offering private lessons to kids), I did a lot of digging and found out that it's happening all over the country, in all sports. And you don't have to live in a big city or a heavy populated area to make money.

Why?...Because parents are looking for this and want it for their kids. Everywhere. 

I've made $35 per hour (per player) teaching basketball lessons in my area. You might even be able to make double or triple that if you live in an upscale area. (I've seen some coaches make well over $100 per hour!). 

I averaged 3 to 5 kids for my lessons on Saturdays. So that's between $105.00 and $175.00 for 3 to 5 hours of coaching ($35 x 3 kids = $105.00 or $35 x 5 kids = $175.00).

Not bad for a Saturday afternoon.

If you want to go for more, it all depends on how much time you can get to use the gym or field where you want to hold your lessons, and how much money you want to charge. It's up to you. 

  Private lessons for individuals or small groups.

Private lessons for individuals or small groups.

Me?... I like a small number of kids to work with at any given time. That way, I get to know each one really well and can focus on each one to give them attention for their own unique needs. 

It's also important to build relationships with a few parents and players at a time, where you can have a select few come back to you week after week. So you can get your coaching business on auto-pilot, where you know who's coming to you week after week in a set schedule.

And you might find that a lot of the players who sign up with you will come back week after week. The players want to keep coming back so they can get better, and the parents want to give their kids the best possible advantage they can.

When you help them, they will actually look forward to giving you money. You really don't have to do any "selling" at all. 

The Greatest Thing About Coaching Kids and Young Adults

Nothing compares to when a kid you are working with starts improving.  You can see it in their attitude and energy level when they see what is possible after you start showing them how to improve.

One of the first basketball players I worked with had trouble with left-handed layups (she is right-handed). I did a simple walk-through with her and then showed her the steps to how she could get into a simple rhythm for left-handed layups.  

In only 10 minutes, she was doing them easily.  She was smiling as she did them.  Her dad later told me he had been trying everything he could think of to help her, and he couldn't believe what he was seeing after the things I showed her.

  It's a great feeling when you help a kid who wants to get better.

It's a great feeling when you help a kid who wants to get better.

Here's the thing - the type of player who comes to you wants to improve, and when you give them the tools and the instructions, the satisfaction you feel with helping them is great.  To me,making this kind of difference for these players is probably the best thing about this.

And it is actually addictive.  

No matter what sport you coach, my Guide can show you how to set up a Lessons Business so you can start helping kids like this in your area.

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